Thursday, December 31, 2009


At least I'm consistent on some things - see my earlier post: I don't do resolutions.

I may not do resolutions... my years typically have a theme, or a motto to them. Some of the themes have hit me right away in January... while other years it may take until May/June to realize what the theme is for that year. Any way, here's a few from the recent past...

"RENEW" - Lori's 2007 word of the year
Part of Speech: verb . Definition: start over; refurbish.
Synonyms: begin again, brace, breathe new life into, bring up to date, continue, exhilarate, extend, fix up, freshen, go over, mend, modernize, overhaul, prolong, reaffirm, reawaken, recommence, recondition, recreate, reestablish, refit, refresh, regenerate, rehabilitate, reinvigorate, rejuvenate, remodel, renovate, reopen, repair, repeat, replace, replenish, restate, restock, restore, resume, resuscitate, retread, revitalize, revive, spruce, stimulate, transform.

"PEACE" - Lori's 2008 word of the year
Part of Speech: noun. Definition: calm, serenity.
Synonyms: amity, calmness, composure, concord, congeniality, contentment, equanimity, harmony, hush, lull, peacefulness, placidity, quiet, quietude, relaxation, repose, reserve, rest, silence, stillness, sympathy, tranquility

"INSPIRE" - Lori's 2009 word of year
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: encourage, stimulate.
Synonyms: affect, animate, arouse, be responsible for, carry, cause, embolden, enliven, exalt, excite, exhilarate, fire up, galvanize, give impetus, give one an idea, give rise to, hearten, impress, infect, inflame, influence, inform, infuse, inspirit, instill, invigorate, motivate, occasion, produce, provoke, quicken, reassure, set up, spark, spur, start off, stir, strike, sway, touch, trigger, urge, work up.

My 2010 word of the year? I don't know yet... so far I'm pondering "grow", "discipline", "lighten", "listen", ... and a few more. Over the next few days I'll see if I can find a word or phrase (a mission statement, if you will) that could cover my theme for the year. We'll see what I come up with...

Do YOU make resolutions, set goals, write out a mission statement, find a theme... and start the year out with the intent of that being your focus? Do you struggle keeping up with that, like I do? Any tips on making that resolve last?

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