Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Raw (Nov '06)

Today I witnessed a Random Act of Kindness that woke me up - out of my pity party of a rough day.

This act was a beautiful gesture from one human to another in the quiet of someone's office... it was an act that celebrated a victory in someone's life - to help frame for this individual what the next chapter of life will hold... and it brought them both to tears. As a mere witness, it did much more than that for me...

So here's my challenge ... (and I too will be taking me up on this challenge!)
Celebrate the life and the victories of those around you - share your "crop" with those who haven't "yielded" quite enough for their own needs - tell/show someone how meaningful their influence has been in your life - focus on helping others rather than what you think you deserve - when you are feeling sorry for yourself do something nice for someone else - noticed or not... spread humanity. Spread a good, pure, loving humanity... a rawness that transcends gender, race, religion ...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I voted today! Did you?! (Nov '06)

No excuse is good enough in my opinion.... Get out there and vote... if you're in line by 8 pm they'll let you vote.

There was a time women weren't allowed to vote... it was elation to walk into the polling place today (to drop off my mail-in ballot which I didn't get in the mail in time) and all of the people in line were WOMEN!!! (I wish I had my camera with me!)

While I'm a believer in the theory that you can make statistics say anything you want them to say - I was blown away w/ this one today... only 30% of registered voters came out to the polls on our last voting day!!!

In some countries people put their VERY LIVES on the lines to vote... and what is 70% of this country too busy to do?! VOTE! Just do it.... no excuses!

Mail in ballots take ALL excuses away... prepare for next time. But in the meantime, grab your voter's guide and go stand in line to vote. Shoot - if you don't have a voter's guide just go get in line - I'm sure there's a voter's guide there you can use to read up on items.

It makes sense - you vote ... if you don't vote you don't deserve the right to complain about the decisions our gov't is making. Get out there... no excuses. No whiners!

Voting is not a privilege - IT'S A DUTY!

Voter Lori

Monday, November 06, 2006

"When I first saw Heaven, I lost it!" (Nov '06)

"When I first saw Heaven, I lost it!" - Loren Haraldsen

It is my pleasure to announce that there is a new Baby Haraldsen!

Heaven Gabriella Lauren Haraldsen was born...
birthdate - November 5, 2006
time of birth - 9:18 pm (Dallas, TX time)
weighing in at 6 lbs, 8 oz.
stretching to 19 1/2 inches long...

This picture was taken by one of the Haraldsen grandparents (Gene or Janie) - who flew into Texas just in time!

Now - pardon me... I've lost it and need to compose myself.... - Auntie Lori

Friday, November 03, 2006

"Resounding Message" (Nov '06)

Was Rev. Ted Haggard caught red-handed? Are the allegations true that this well-respected pastor had hired a male prostitute, had a long-term relationship with this person and purchased drugs from him? Is this the truth? Is this a ploy? We may never know the truth on this... even though the media may press him and his religious superiors may force him to talk ... we may never know... PERIOD. At this point it's between He and his Maker.

The resounding message I take from this (even in my disappointment and wonderment that a brother in the Lord may have turned on his church and his marriage and his family) is that we will all fail... but I often wonder, how many lessons will we endure to finally learn the resounding message behind the lesson?! Apparently as many times as it takes....

No matter your faith, no matter your character, no matter your ability to undergo pressure and resist (like a fortress)... we will ALL give in to the rotten things in life that tempt the core values we've been built on.

Not one of us is better than another... we will ALL disappoint other human beings. We will ALL fall short of our glory... and the glory of our Maker.

Yet, upon reflection from a much more positive outlook, written deep down inside this lesson is resounding message #2... all we can do is try our very best to live up to the values we've been built on, to the character we've been fashioned like, and what we know deep down within our beings to be the right thing ... that which is the truth for our lives.

We will fail... but we will most likely have more successes than failures if we continue to try our hardest....


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