Monday, August 30, 2010

Fun with Lee's co-workers

The group of people Lee works with had a post-work party... and they invited the spouses this time. They had just completed a week at work that required a lot of extra blood, sweat and tears. (OK - they'd never admit to the "tears" part... but I had to include it.)

So one of their team offered up his house for a little party. And what a beautiful place they had... a sprawling backyard with eucalyptus trees, vining roses, a pool, lots of little places to sit and ponder life.

I asked them if I could move in.

Lee looked at me strange...

I got to meet his co-workers and their spouses. We ate, we laughed, we had a good time.

And then I took a walk towards the roses. They were calling my name...

I think I'll just sit here a while and ponder life... Lee wants to take me home tonight. So I'll soak it up while I can!

I'm sure glad the guys worked hard so we could have a party to celebrate...

Thursday, August 05, 2010

My lil brother... Captain Haraldsen

My little brother came back home for a short visit... and we drove south to visit Grampa.

They talked about airplanes, Wisconsin, Loren's daughter/Grampa's great-grandaughter, etc... the men talked.

I enjoyed watching them talk... it was just nice to have my brother in the same room. It's been too long since we laughed together...

Then I dropped him off at the airport ... and took a minute to look at the view of San Diego. What a beautiful city I live in!

Can someone reminde me WHY Loren moved away from here?! He was C-R-A-Z-Y!!! (Crazy in love, that is... with a woman and his job. You know... the trivial things in life.)

Life is good...

Sunday, August 01, 2010


I woke up with a migraine. I wasn't all too happy about it. This was the 3rd migraine in a week. This is sometimes a normal thing for women... and I don't need to say anything further about that topic.

Migraines make me weepy. (Have YOU ever had a migraine?! You want to cry so you don't pull your eyeballs out. You think maybe that crying will relieve the pressure. So you just keep crying. You think you'd really like it if you could order another head and attach it in place of the defective one. And at times you want to involuntarily bang your head against the nearest wall.)

So I bet you're wondering what some spilled flour and a teaspoon has to do with a sappy migraine day. I'm glad you asked...

Not only was I weepy today... I was also homesick. I bake when I get homesick. Hence the teaspoon and spilled flour... that's what my day looked like.

I made Mom's Banana Bread and Berry Good Blueberry Muffins.

Sidenote: I also made the yummy Chile Relleno Quiche (which makes an appearance in our kitchen about every other week). This week is rather busy and this will make for a few quick breakfasts and snacks.

Now I'm chillin' with my hubby... and still feeling homesick. The baking and cooking didn't cure any of that.

But the migraine is gone.

And I've got breakfast ready for the next 13 days...


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