Saturday, December 31, 2005

HAPPY Freakin' NEW YEAR!!! (Dec '05)

This is only for those who need it… those who already have it all together and are already the best you can be – just ignore this entry… but for the rest of US… ;-)

Let’s “ring in the New Year” with a new attitude! For every one of us who has a bad day – we all know there’s nothing wrong with feeling down – but there DOES come a time to snap out of it when it’s time to snap out of it! I'd like to take some inspiration from another nugget of truth I recently read ... don’t let anyone steal the joy which is ONLY YOURS! Don’t focus on the unfortunate parts of the day – instead find MANY reasons to celebrate life every day! For every one of us who has had a “string of bad luck” – pick yourself up by your bra straps or boot straps (or whatever it is you’re wearing) and get over it already!

We are ever so lucky to live in a FREE country, to have a roof over our heads, food on our tables, warm clothing … so revel in the comfort of your Home and in the warm love of your Friends and Family! While they may be all some of us can call our own at least we’ve got them!!! That’s plenty to celebrate… now get about your daily celebrations… and remember what I said about not letting others steal your joy!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Is Re-Gifting OK?! (Dec '05)

It's an age-old question... when is it OK to re-gift? We've come up with our own answer in our household. Answer: On New Year's Eve! So at our annual countdown party we are starting to do a "re-gifting exchange" (white elephant style). (Don't worry Mom - none of your presents will be re-gifted - you did good this year!)

We just love seeing what others' received ... and sitting around and laughing about it all night long while we wait for the "ball to drop"...

I can't wait... to have friends around and laugh and enjoy the evening playing games, sharing stories and stealing others' horrible Christmas presents! I can't wait!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Got Gall Bladder? (Dec '05)

On Wednesday, I found out what I had been fearing... I have multiple gall stones. And then we met with a surgeon on Thursday to discuss having my gall bladder removed in the near future. Apparently hundreds of thousands of people have so far survived without their gall bladders!!!

So, I've never had my gall bladder removed before and not quite sure what to expect. (Yes, I'm still just as spicy as ever!) This will be scheduled for just after the New Year. And I hear the recovery is pretty speedy these days as it's a laparoscopic surgery... so they don't have to make a 6 inch long incision anymore. NICE!

Updates will be posted as they come...

Monday, December 12, 2005

Merry Christmas!!! (Dec '05)

Can I just say how bummed out I am about being politically correct this time of year?! Maybe it's just living in Southern California where we're bombarded with everyone making a big deal about taking the word "Christmas" out of Christmas!!! Even Target is now selling only "Holiday Trees". GIVE ME A FREAKIN' BREAK!!!

If you don't want to celebrate Christmas - then don't! At Halloween I don't buy anything w/ witches or ghouls or zombies on it... but I don't start up with an act of Congress to get witches removed from October 31st! What happened to the diversity this nation was built upon?!

However - some of the Christmas cards I make every year will read "Happy Holidays"... as we rub elbows with people of varied beliefs... buddhist, muslim, jewish, christian, even atheist... and while "Happy Holidays" doesn't EXCLUDE Christmas it welcomes everyone else's beliefs in the same breath. Just don't tell me I have to take CHRIST out of Christmas!


Saturday, December 10, 2005

Sure glad I'm flexible!!! (Dec '05)

For the readers of my last entry... "Flexibility"... you'll be happy to know I'm fed a little bit of own medicine from time to time. At times maybe I'm tested to see if I really stand by my own little blog blurbs. This week was a good week to test me! And boy can I tell you - the surprises have been abundant!

It's the Christmas season so of course things are truckin' right along. It's the busiest time of year for my work at the investment firm - as everyone is counting their losses and dumping them so they don't have to pay so much in taxes. Requests into our office have increased substantially for about a month now and we're doing the best we can with all these trade requests - but when you're constantly explaining to the people on the phone that their request is just 1 of the 1,000 other requests sitting on the back of the desk - a little bit of frustration tends to settle in. But, we make it through ... somehow. Every year we've made it through.

Then at home - let's also think about taking down the Fall decorations and dusting off the Christmas decor, finishing up the Christmas shopping (which also involves wrapping and sending since 90% of the family lives out of state), ... oh - and don't forget, we make our own Christmas cards around here! And don't forget about that baking that you want to do so much! Or those poinsettias you bought to share with other families for a little bit of extra cheer!

Throw into the mix a little bit of a medical scare that happened at 1:45 am Wednesday... when I was awoken to THE most excruciating pain I've ever experienced! I clearly remember my first thought being - "If I pass out I want to have on clean undies... but there's no way I'm going to be able to shave my legs with this pain!!!" Somehow I got dressed. And we debated whether or not we should call 911 or if Lee should drive me to the emergency room. While I've not gone through child birth (as the MOTHER figure in the ordeal) I can only imagine this pain ranked right up there with labor. Thankfully, the pain subsided about an hour later. My Doctor has since ordered a gallbladder ultrasound for Dec 22nd... no big deal - I'm not doing anything else that week! (Say that back to yourself - but make sure you say it with just a tad sarcasm!)

THEN - while I'm taking a nap on Wednesday, my husband wakes me to say "Babe - there's a special delivery for you." I understandably snap back "Can you SIGN for it?!" (Thoughts to myself: "Are you KIDDING me?!") And he looks down the hallway and motions this "special delivery" back to the bedroom and I mutter "What the heck?!" Into the bedroom walk my parents!!!

This is just a BIT of surprise as I had just talked to my mom earlier. She SAID they were just flying back into Portland and were on the road home. She filled me in on their week in Dallas (visiting my lil' bro and sis-in-law for an early Christmas along w/ the grandparents). Well, apparently my mother also likes to plan surprises!!!

So it's now Dec 10th... and last night was my company's annual holiday staff party - which turned out to be quite the shin-dig. So Lee and I left Mom and Dad for an evening on their own and enjoyed a Roarin' '20s party - we even got a bit dressed for the part. And had a great time! Today the Christmas tree goes up and Mom & Dad will help w/ the festivities. The holiday tunes are playing in the background. This surprise visit has been just what the doctor ordered - especially since we didn't get to see Mom & Dad for Christmas last year. Thank God for surprises ... and for flexibility!


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