Monday, December 29, 2008

From one of my heroes...

Thank you to Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice... in this interview she confirms what I've been hoping someone would say.

While President Bush has received some rather low ratings, ok dismal, but anyway - while he was highly criticized Ms. Rice confirms what I suspected. We'll eventually find out all the crap that's been throw his way that we just aren't privy to.There is a place to draw the line on the information you share to justify your decisions. Pres Bush can't share much - and rightfully so.

We don't want to have a President who puts all the details out on the table - just so we can confirm he's making the right decision. To dumb it down - we don't have the same top secret clearance. We want a President who can keep some things in confidence. We want a President who will think about the future of the American people - not just today and what would "feel" better.

I'm happy to hear from Ms. Rice that the leaders she has worked with, first hand, appreciate our President. That they still hold our country in high regard as they trust our President.I'm confident we will read more of these types of interview snippets over the next several years - which will serve the purpose of justifying some of Pres Bush's actions. He shouldn't have to do that himself.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another crazy "Lori story"...

For those of you who've known me for years this is just another story... but for those who haven't heard these crazy stories... this is just par for the course. I often have rather strange things happen in my world (like a homeless lady who was sleeping in the elevator in the parking garage at work. the door opened and she didn't move - i thought she was dead and i started screaming! she woke up MAD and she started chasing me through the parking garage!) ... well here is today’s crazy story … it has a good ending. But it all seemed very ominous as it was happening.

Yesterday morning driving to work I saw a tow truck parked on the side of the 56 freeway (on the opposite side of the freeway) with its hazard lights on and I could see there was someone sitting inside. But it looked like his head was hanging forward - like he was taking a nap in his truck at 5:30 am or something… I don't know what he was doing - but I noticed he was sitting there.

Then when I left work yesterday afternoon I saw a tow truck, with someone sitting in it, in the exact same place on the freeway - no movement inside the truck... with its hazard lights on, etc. At that point I was slightly concerned, if my phone was working, I would have called CHP and asked someone to check on the truck driver to make sure he was OK. But alas, my cell phone is very dead currently. (And I was hoping the truck driver wasn't dead also.)

So, fast forward to this morning - tow truck AGAIN in the same place on the freeway, with someone sitting in the cab, hazard lights on, etc.... and my heart started racing. Immediately I think to myself - "I HAVE to go check on him to see what's going on here. But I don't have a phone. If he's not responsive I'm going to have to flag someone else down to stop and hope they have a cell phone so we can call for help." In the meantime, I got off the freeway and back on to circle around and park behind him… I stopped with my lights on, lighting up the back of his truck.

My heart was racing.. And I was praying for this individual... and praying that I wouldn't find a dead person in the cab of the truck.

Keep in mind... it's 5:30 am and it's still dark outside. I walk up to the door, looking for any movement inside the truck, and all of a sudden a head pops out!

Thank goodness he was making eye contact with me or I would have freaked out for sure! OK – he's alive! I take a deep sigh and start laughing at him.... he looks confused. I explained to him the whole drama that was unfolding in my creative imagination and we had a good laugh together on the side of the freezing cold freeway at 5:30 am. He thanked me for stopping...

No this wasn't a dream... this is just the world I live in…
As to WHY he was sitting there... looking back on it now, I don't think it was the same tow truck or same guy sitting there the entire time. Maybe it's just a place for tow companies to sit while they wait for service calls?! I don't know... then again, it could have been the same guy... I didn't ask. That's his business...

Monday, December 08, 2008

I love living in San Diego

San Diego = America's Finest City

These pictures should tell the story just fine... I was downtown to take some family pics and took some of these shots as we mosied about town. I just love this place...


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