Sunday, June 17, 2007

I love my city!

Flying back into San Diego from ... anywhere really ... is just amazing. The plane descends on this city looking brown and gray and muted blue. But, as in life, the closer you get the more defined everything becomes. The browns turn into darker and lighter shades of life. The blue tones become varied between white to indigo. And life as we know it in this city is unique and troubled and yet troublesome and the same.

But from up here in this seat at the back of the plane it all looks like such a straight forward, simple but busy city. Which reminds me... I love my life in this city!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Even LAPD thinks Paris is special!

I would put money on the fact that we could find another woman who was admitted to the same jail Paris Hilton was taken to this past Sunday for the exact same reason.

However, if we walk through the "common" woman's treatment ... and compared it to Paris' treatment we would find major discrepancies between the two.

Paris was in a cell by herself.
The other woman was probably put into "Gen Pop" ... the general population with individuals who committed all sorts of various crimes... some more dangerous than others.

Paris had originally been sentenced to 45 days jail.
The other woman probably had a longer sentence to start with.

Before Paris even entered jail her sentence had already been reduced to 23 days.
The other woman is probably still required to serve her 45 days.

Today - if you haven't heard already, Paris was released from jail. Wait a second... that's only 3 days served!
And like I said, I'd bet my paycheck on the fact that the other woman still hasn't had her original sentence reduced at all.

There's such a double standard for anyone who is a celebrity. Whether it be holding such individual accountable for public nudity, infidelity, stupid-in-public.... oh, I could just go on.

I heard the press conference ... and still I don't know how ANYONE can justify allowing ANYONE (Paris Hilton or not) to get by on a technicality.

And if they say she had a pre-existing condition which allows her special treatment... I'll tell you what that condition is.... "stupid-in-public".

Who will stand up and take responsibility for their actions?! Who is human enough to do that?!


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