Sunday, June 28, 2009

Magee Park, Carlsbad

I took some time to stroll through a historic park... and I stumbled upon these beauties. They smelled good too... For a minute there I wanted to come home and pull the weeds from my yard... just for a minute.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Oceanside Pier

Today I got to play at the beach... it was beautiful! I got a little sun burnt... but what else is new?! I miss the times as a little kid... there are a lot of memories of mom taking us kids to the beach during the day (while Dad was working). We'd usually meet another mom and her kids there and just play. Good times, good times...

Oh, for the simpler times of life...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Senior Pics: Hillary

If you'd asked me approximately 17 years ago if this day would ever come I would have said "Nope ... Hillary will always be 3 years old!" And while I missed most of the time in her life between the ages of 6 and NOW... I love her dearly!

Hillary - I'm so proud of you... so much that words could not express. Literally! To attempt to measure my love for your life, and your heart and your future... putting it into words would simplify it too much.

Hilly - Auntie Lori loves you! We haven't kept in touch as much I'd want... but you have to know that the love I have for you is very deep! You and your mom mean so much to me! Your mom is a very wise woman... who taught me a lot about life and love. You are so blessed to have her to call Mom...

Thank you for the opportunity to capture this chapter in your life...

Friday, June 05, 2009

Four generations...

Here they are... four generations of Marsheks. Loren and daughter Heaven, his mother Janie Marshek and her father Marvin Marshek. May '09... long live the Marsheks.

And on the opposite side of the family ... four generations of Haraldsens. Loren and daughter Heaven, father Gene Haraldsen and his father Erling Haraldsen. May '09... long live the Haraldsens.

To think of those who have gone before us, the legacies some have left behind and those to follow shortly... we are honored to be called Marsheks and Haraldsens. To hear the stories of the lives they forged and the lessons they bestowed upon us... it humbles us that they thought so much of their family that they made decisions in their lifetime to direct ours. Thank you for giving to us for as long as you have... we love you! (where are my tissue?!)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Grillin' at the Marsheks

I've said it before - when the Marsheks get together we eat. My Mom and Dad and brother and sister-in-law and niece were in town... what better time to get together and eat?! Seriously - I ask, what better time to eat?!

Dad and Mom picked up Grampa and Mary Ann and we met them at Paul and Cheryl's house. We took sme pics, then we ate... then we laughed... then we chased the kids around the front yard while we thought about having dessert for Mary Ann's birthday.

Unfortunately, at several points throughout the evening there were a few spills down a small set of stairs going from the entryway down into the living room (4 steps). And when I saw a few spills, I mean 4 different people fell down these stairs. While I'm laughing as I type this it was a bit more concerning at the time it happened. Go ahead, laugh... you didn't watch your Grampa fall face first and just about slam his head into a stone planter. Sorry... my dark humor is showing here. I've got myself laughing so hard right now that I better sign off.

I'm happy to report there were no major injuries... but we all learned where those steps were by the end of the evening. Let's hope no one gets badly hurt on those wicked things...

Monday, June 01, 2009

Uncle Gary rode his new motorcycle in from Boulder, CO... yes, he rode. Jackie, on the other hand, flew in. So that they could scoot around town while she was here I contacted some friends so they could borrow a leather jacket and a helmet for Jackie. (She doesn't get off the hook that easily!)

And what family reunion wouldn't be complete without a generational picture?! Above is 4 generations of Haraldsen. From right-to-left: Erling Haraldsen, son Gene Haraldsen, great grand-daughter Heaven and grandson Loren.

Fun times w/ the Haraldsens... Loren and Jody on each side with the proud Grandparents in the middle. Heaven brought such joy to our week together.

I can't remember the names Heaven gave them... but here she is with her Oregon grandparents, Gene and Janie Haraldsen.

And the great grandparents, Erling and Helen Haraldsen. Heaven loves her great grandparents... she loves making them laugh.

Watch out world... here comes Heaven. She's going to break some hearts.

So glad all of the family could come in to town. Enjoyed our time together... and I loved it how we all shared cooking responsibilities. Man, we ate great, didn't we?! And maybe a little too much?! Nah...


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