Tuesday, May 23, 2006

In Love with Old Escondido (May '06)

I affectionately call it "The 'Hood". It's Old Escondido. Its charm and warmth and curiosities are plenty.

And I got quite the treat on Mother's Day. I volunteered to be the resident photographer for an annual event that draws gawkers from near and far. 2006 was the 9th Annual Mother's Day Home Tour - where 5 precious homes were featured. The house pictured to the right is known as the "Beach House", built in 1896.

It's one of the reasons I chose to live in Old Escondido. Over 10 years ago I worked at a financial planning office in The 'Hood ... and at lunch I'd walk the streets dreaming about living in many of the homes. However, my time at that job came to an end and I didn't get to spend as much time dreaming of simpler times. Until I finally stumbled upon the opportunity to find my own home - I knew what neighborhood I wanted to buy in at least (if at all possible). And I did.... (no, it's not the Beach House - but I love my humble home the same)... first chance I got - I bought!

This weekend I got the chance to walk into various scenes in history... this Queen Anne Victorian built in 1896, a Mediterranean Style bungalow (1926), a Dutch Colonial (1925) and two other homes built near the turn of the century which exude simplicity, an easier life, a time of quieter evenings with the family... and I got to capture 2006's version of what those homes look like! Just for a moment... just a speck on the long timeline we know as eternity...

As a photographer (and a lover of history) - this is one of the highest honors. To preserve history and to show today's developments as well. While life shows us that we are a product of our past, today shows us our possibilities!

I can't wait to see more...


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