Sunday, November 25, 2007

A hike at Torrey Pines

Before you get all impressed that I was out hiking... it really was just a brief stroll. But the best part was that I was w/ the fabulous Stephanie and the extraordinary Sonnet! We took a stroll at Torrey Pines Reserve... learned about "leaving footrpints only" in this protected space, the winter migration of whales and much more ... and we even took some pics! Here's some pics of us... as well as some pics of other hikers enjoying the soon-to-be sunset.... loving those silhouette shots!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

This is my Uncle Paul...

Enough said?!

Marshall Family at Torrey Pines Reserve

Quite the honor to be called year after year to take family pics for Christmas cards. I've had the honor to take pics of this family since before their daughter was even part of the family yet (just a mere 'bun in the oven'). They've become great friends over the years... and it's so much fun to see their kids grow before my eyes!

This year we met up at Torrey Pines Reserve for a family hike... and at times just let the kids run loose so I could "do my thing". Good times! Thanks Marshalls! I'll be looking for your Christmas card in the mail!

Lynn kids

Wow - this was fun! I had a wonderful referral call (relative of a previous portrait client)... and had the opportunity to take some fun pics at the beach. The fun part? 5 kids... and brothers and sisters at that! From a photographers's stand point - this was fun! Especially for THIS photographer! Since my craft focuses (ha, no pun intended) on candid photojournalism... this really put the kids in their element!

I'd never met the kids before... but they didn't seem to let that bother them. They were themselves right from the start! I love it! THIS is why I do what I do! I love to capture kids - just as they are. They may not pose perfectly for the camera - and I'd prefer they don't. I want to see their personalities! (In my opinion, years down the road when we are reminiscing - this is what we look for in pictures!)

Jimmy and Heidi

What a fun wedding day! Jimmy and Heidi got married at the home of Dr. Lochridge (chiropractor and Heidi's boss) in early November. And wow - what a beautiful day! Beautiful people, beautiful preparations... all around, beautiful day!

I had more time than usual to take pics of the bride and groom - and their wedding party - as we planned on taking pics prior to the ceremony and going to a local park to do so! Photographers' dream come true! We really had fun - well, at least I did! Thanks for the opportunity! What a way to close out the weddings for the year!

Diego and Valeria

It was Fallbrook on a Saturday... October 26th. And the fires had only been out for a few hours. Literally! Fallbrook had just been opened back up to residents to return to their homes... and Diego and Valeria were determined to get married! (They even had a back-up church in Temecula lined up in case Fallbrook wasn't an option.) The air was smokey and the mood was somber. But we had a wedding to attend! It was raining and we didn't get to do too many outside portaits - but Diego and Valeria were still successful at building good memories with their loved ones! Here are some pics from their beautiful ceremony and wedding day. Congratulations you two! Thanks for the opportunity!


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