Wednesday, August 10, 2005

If these walls could talk... (Aug '05)

I live in a quaint little neighborhood made up of homes built anywhere between the late 1800s to 1970 or so. The majority of our OLDER homes were built between 1920 - 1940. These are the homes I want to know more about... specifically mine!

When I fell in love w/ my home I was told it was built in 1940. However, last night I met a man by the name of Wes Boyle who says his grandparents lived in my home in the 1930's!!! No wonder this old house creaks and moans somedays!

I now have yet another project to work on. Who were the Wessels who lived here in the 1930's? What did they do with their lives? What kind of legacy did they leave behind? And do they know anything else about my house? What was the original floor plan and square footage? And when did they do all of these add-ons?

If these walls could talk... I'm sure I might find out way more than I ever wanted to know! Until then, I'm still in love with my 1400 square foot home - 3 bedroom/1 bath with the EXTRA large kitchen. This is the first HOME I ever fell in love with. What I love most is the den at the back of the house looking out over the treetops of Old Escondido! How relaxing it is to work on my photography, watercolor, make cards and do scrapbooking! Now, if I could just keep from looking out into the backyard to see all of the weeds creeping up between our beautiful flowers... which reminds me of yet another project...


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