Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Flexibility (Nov '05)

Dictionary.com defines "Flexibility" as "1a. Capable of being bent or flexed; pliable. 1b. Capable of being bent repeatedly without injury or damage."

It is an innate belief of mine that remaining flexible throughout life will bring us all just a little more happiness and contentment. In our fast paced and self-absorbed world of "we do it your way", "instant personalization", "made when you order it" mantras it would be rather easy to get wrapped up in the thoughts of 'if I could just tweak it THIS way then I would be happy.' Or 'if I could just make it THAT way then I would finally be content.'

But I think this mentality has served to accomplish the exact opposite. Expectations are then built up that we can have it exactly how we want it ... and when it isn't that simple we get all bent out of shape. Our attitude goes sour and we start taking it out on others.

Flip the coin.... if we weren't raised in a world where "your wish is my command" then our expectations might be a bit different... a little less self-absorbed maybe?! And just MAYBE we'd be a little more willing to be OK with what was presented to us and completely grateful when someone goes out of their way for us ... instead of simply EXPECTING that of others ... Just a tad more appreciative, enthralled, respectful, fun to be around... you know...

Disclaimer to those who know me well: While I often move things off of "today's to do list"... I don't necessarily consider that "flexibility"... that's more like "procrastination"!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Belly Laughs (Nov '05)

There's a typical routine at the Tisdale house on Tuesday nights. It's Girls night (Gilmore Girls)! And the home is usually ringing with laughter... because the home has welcomed Debbie Russell-Graff. First we'll have dinner while getting caught up on each other's weeks, while also talking about family and friend news, then maybe looking at some of my recent pics or talking about work or doing a little stamping/card making and then moving into the living room for the 8 o'clock hour and Gilmore Girls!!!

This past Tuesday night was no exception. Well, maybe one exception. I was so caught by surprise with something Debbie said (not an unusual event) that I simply could not control myself. I had just taken a large swig of my vanilla coke ... and well, I laughed so hard that I sprayed Debbie with that swig!!! Of course the spraying then perpetuated more laughter... and most of the hard work she had spent on stamping was of course thrown in the trash because Debbie, our work table, and even the chairs behind her had been splattered!!!

As I sit back and think about the friends with whom I have shared true belly laughs I am blessed to be reminded of "the good times" and the hysterical moments of laughter (which quite often include embarrassing moments for yours truly). Some more of these moments:
- recently, in Oregon visiting the Childers (friends for over 25 years) where we had both resounding laughter and some painful tears
- while relaxing with friends at the "Cove" (SCC)
- on a road trip with my family as Mom, Loren and I sang to each other at the midnight hour and made Dad so mad he yelled at us
- with my co-worker and soon-to-be "friend" Julia Alter as we realized we were "kindergarten friends" (stealing chunks of chocolate from the cake we were taking back to the office after a retirement party)
- at Fat Ivor's with my girls Stephanie and Betty as they danced on the laminate floor while I karaoked my heart out to "Copacabana" for the first time
- every time I look at the picture of Lee and I (which Eddie snapped) where I am whole-heartedly slapping myself on the butt
- the afternoon Lee and I played with the distortion tool on Photoshop and created a very unique "family portrait" of ourselves ... we laughed so hard I almost pee'd and he almost quit breathing
- making Christmas cards last year with Kellye Wilborn, Lisa Powell and Debbie listening to Christmas music... and all of a sudden cats are meowing to "Jingle Bells"!
- that warm, summer Sunday afternoon with Julia and Lisa Medina-Kunitzer... more importatly later that evening when we went to Chili's and sat in the bar and pretended to be visiting from Texas (even donning the accent, new names and dressed for the part)
- anything that has to do with Loren and the rest of the boys "Beating Eggs"
- most family occasions where the Marshek cousins are present
- late nights of toilet papering with the youth group (even Mom got in on the action) and anything that has to do with Andy Mizerak or Kendra Groves-Hankins
- and with Debbie there are similar countless memories to recall ... that's what happens with roomies!

Belly laughs... good times... making friendships stronger, futures brighter and memories richer!

What would life sound like, look like, feel like without laughter?! All I know is, I don't want to know the answer to that one! Live well... Laugh often... Love much!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Fallen leaves... (Nov '05)

It's now November... and the trees have turned colors. And they've started shedding their beautifully adorned branches.

Evidence is the piles of leaves along the side of the road.

Just got back to Southern California from an autumn trip to Salem, Bend and Redmond, Oregon. There's some BREATHTAKING colors in them ther' hills!

How lucky was I... to be walking through Drake Park in Bend one afternoon when a large gust of wind picked up a pile of leaves... they tumbled across at least 100 feet of grass... and that noise (the rustling) just warmed my heart!

Can anyone tell this is my favorite time of year?!


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