Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A {strong} challenge...

Today I stopped in to read up on a blog I check out from time to time... and I was hit square between the eyes with a challenge...

blog to visit: Only speak words that make souls stronger

I've now got this printable plaque posted in just about every room of my house, my office wall, the bathroom mirror, the truck, as a bookmark, in my checkbook (do I really still use a checkbook)... you get the point!

As I contemplated this today several things were apparent:
1) Sometimes those words are loving/gentle words
2) Sometimes those words are direct/strong words
3) Sometimes those words are painful
4) Sometimes those words are tough to say
5) Most importantly, those words should be God's words

Will you take MY challenge?

If so, do 3 things for me:
1) Read the above blog
2) Print up a few copies of the "plaque" and post it in several places
3) Contemplate on what it means to you, how you can act it out

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful challenge.printed it and placed it stratefically in my home and car..praying that I stay close to Him so I will know what His words would be!
Thanks for sharing Lori!


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