Thursday, December 23, 2010

At the starting line…

feeling anticipation {but not anxious}.
feeling excitement {but not thrilled}.
feeling apprehensive {but not fearful}.

deep in my soul… I feel a stirring.

I sense a renewing, some change getting ready to take place.
I can almost see God creating something new in me as I sit here and type.
I so look forward to seeing what it is… to seeing that change happen before my eyes.
I look forward to realizing that what I’ve been anticipating has come to fruition.

And yet somehow I know that’s a long way out…

show me where you want me to go, Lord…
I am your servant.
lead your way in me and show me what you would have me do,
who to serve, how to be YOU on this earth…

I’ll start with the first step… obeying you.

I'm standing here at the starting line… ready for the journey…

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