Thursday, December 23, 2010

Overjoyed and Saddened

The planning and rushing and standing in line and spending and all of that…
the never-ending discussions of what to get for kids of certain ages, where to find great deals, whose name was pulled for the gift exchange
and what in the world you are going to get for them...

It all saddened me so deeply today,
that I cried...
Tears fell for hurting and lost people.

Tears stung my cheeks for those who do not know
{or choose not to celebrate} the real reason for this season…
the birth of Jesus Christ, the most important reason we celebrate this season.

My heart tore in two …

And yet this has been one of the most joyous Christmases I've had for a very long time: I had the privilege of spending time with my parents... something I haven't done at Christmas time in over 10 years! We laughed together, we cried together... we enjoyed precious time together.

But I come back to this...
it does not matter that your children did/did not get the newest toy,
or that they are/are not wearing the newest clothing fads.
It does not matter that you couldn’t spend as much this year on presents.

It merely doesn’t matter…

What matters is… a babe was born in a stable.

Jesus Christ was sent to this earth by God the Father.

He walked among us, lived a Godly example here on earth,
shared God’s Great Commission,
was mocked and beaten and eventually sacrificed His life
for ME, for YOU, for generations to come...

This man who walked among us gave us the best gift we could ever, ever, ever ask for {and we didn’t even know we needed it}:
He gave us His unconditional love, His forgiveness, a hope and a future.

Click here for the Story of the birth of Christ, as told in the gospel of Luke

This year, more than ever, I celebrate Christ’s birth in a new way: by humbly serving Him more every day and searching out His will for my life.
It is my pleasure to sit at His feet and listen.
To sit in awe and be still with Him… with Him I can just be still.

I wish you and your family the most merry of Christmases…

as we celebrate Christ’s birth together.

From our home to yours, Merry CHRISTmas...

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