Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving... YIPPEE!!!

Thanksgiving... how I've been looking forward to you. And while looking forward to you I was talking with my Grampa M last week... we chatted about the upcoming turkey and gravy, and all the fixin's. And he turned and looked at me, his eyes widening... and he exclaimed "YIIIPPPEEEE!!!!"

Thanksgiving... I think I might like you more than I like Christmas... (gasp!)

Extra time with husband, aunt and uncle, cousins and other family friends. Good food. Oranges and plums and browns and mustard colors. Music time. Cold weather (aka snuggly weather).

Plus, there's still a lot to look forward to... more holiday baking, cooking and enjoying. I don't have to pack everything up and put it away right away. I will soon work on my Christmas cards (crafting and writing and sending). I will soon receive Christmas cards in the mail...

My heart is bursting with gratitude ...

We truly are blessed... we know it. We share it. We love life and all that God has given us.

Life is good...

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