Monday, January 17, 2011

Life is full of lessons...

Today's lesson: the item at the store known as the "all-purpose eraser" (another company calls it the "magic eraser") can be used OUTSIDE too!

Today I learned it can help remove paint scuffs on cars! (ahem)

There HAD BEEN a 3 inch x 6 inch "scuff" of white paint on the wheel well of my car ...

But THANKS to the magic eraser, it's no longer there... (ahem)

Now, if I can just get THIS scuff off before the hubby gets home from work... (ahem)...

In all seriousness, this product will only help your paint job if it's merely a "flesh wound"... if the "wound" runs deeper than that (if there is paint scratched off your vehicle) then it will not help your problem, obviously.

Follow the instructions on the back of the box, add a little elbow grease and this really will work magic in your life.

Around the house I also use it to clean door jams/tile grout/door knobs, to remove scuffs on furniture/wood cabinets/appliances and to remind my house who is boss around here.

life is (mostly) good... (especially when you can get scuffs off cars)

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