Thursday, June 03, 2010

Time in the kitchen with some cuties!

Last weekend, I visited an old friend. I take that back, she's not old - she's the same age as me (ahem!)... but we have been friends for over 20 years!

I had some help making one of my favorite breakfast treats: My favorite sous chef. Hadley just loves "ciMM-a-mon-non"!!!

And once they finished baking... we ate them! Look at the wide-eyes and the licking of the fingers...

But first, Declan... I think he had at least 3 of these! Oh ...

And Camden? He wanted so badly to eat the whole thing...

But for the life of me... this is all I could get out of Hayden. (She reminds me a little of me... I really don't like it when the camera is pointing in my direction!)

But Hadley on the other hand... she loves the camera! Just as much as she loves "ciMM-a-mon-non".

Again, Hadley, THANK YOU for being my sous chef... I hope you have many years of fun in the kitchen, I hope you learn a lot, and I hope you don't get sick from eating all of those monkey muffins!

Now, it's my turn...

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