Saturday, June 05, 2010

art imitating life...

Recently returned from a road trip. Drove to South Lake Tahoe to be with family (which I get to see about once a year). One day while Dad, Mom and myself were driving around the hills of Tahoe (we were NOT stalking the rich and famous!!! we weren't!!!) we found this stunning chateau. I took a quick shot of it from the passenger's seat as we were rounding a sharp corner.

So, I'm currently scanning through the nearly 1000 shots I took while "on the road"... and ran across this one!

I just had to post it...

I may or may not have taken pictures in this manner from the driver's seat on the way up there (and the way back)... no comment!

1 comment:

Eddie Bojorquez (Studio 512) said...

Love the new blog - love the background - love this image!
And stop taking photos from the driver's seat. Actually, scratch that.


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