Saturday, June 20, 2009

Senior Pics: Hillary

If you'd asked me approximately 17 years ago if this day would ever come I would have said "Nope ... Hillary will always be 3 years old!" And while I missed most of the time in her life between the ages of 6 and NOW... I love her dearly!

Hillary - I'm so proud of you... so much that words could not express. Literally! To attempt to measure my love for your life, and your heart and your future... putting it into words would simplify it too much.

Hilly - Auntie Lori loves you! We haven't kept in touch as much I'd want... but you have to know that the love I have for you is very deep! You and your mom mean so much to me! Your mom is a very wise woman... who taught me a lot about life and love. You are so blessed to have her to call Mom...

Thank you for the opportunity to capture this chapter in your life...

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