Monday, June 01, 2009

Uncle Gary rode his new motorcycle in from Boulder, CO... yes, he rode. Jackie, on the other hand, flew in. So that they could scoot around town while she was here I contacted some friends so they could borrow a leather jacket and a helmet for Jackie. (She doesn't get off the hook that easily!)

And what family reunion wouldn't be complete without a generational picture?! Above is 4 generations of Haraldsen. From right-to-left: Erling Haraldsen, son Gene Haraldsen, great grand-daughter Heaven and grandson Loren.

Fun times w/ the Haraldsens... Loren and Jody on each side with the proud Grandparents in the middle. Heaven brought such joy to our week together.

I can't remember the names Heaven gave them... but here she is with her Oregon grandparents, Gene and Janie Haraldsen.

And the great grandparents, Erling and Helen Haraldsen. Heaven loves her great grandparents... she loves making them laugh.

Watch out world... here comes Heaven. She's going to break some hearts.

So glad all of the family could come in to town. Enjoyed our time together... and I loved it how we all shared cooking responsibilities. Man, we ate great, didn't we?! And maybe a little too much?! Nah...

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