Friday, June 05, 2009

Four generations...

Here they are... four generations of Marsheks. Loren and daughter Heaven, his mother Janie Marshek and her father Marvin Marshek. May '09... long live the Marsheks.

And on the opposite side of the family ... four generations of Haraldsens. Loren and daughter Heaven, father Gene Haraldsen and his father Erling Haraldsen. May '09... long live the Haraldsens.

To think of those who have gone before us, the legacies some have left behind and those to follow shortly... we are honored to be called Marsheks and Haraldsens. To hear the stories of the lives they forged and the lessons they bestowed upon us... it humbles us that they thought so much of their family that they made decisions in their lifetime to direct ours. Thank you for giving to us for as long as you have... we love you! (where are my tissue?!)

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