Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Just a Taste of Florence (June '04)

Yes, just a taste... I can't post each and every picture... so I'll post an overview of sorts.

The countryside is just as beautiful as you can imagine... it was so picturesque that I was afraid to take a picture and therefore defile it! Seriously... my camera could not do justice to many of the sights we saw. Maybe it was the other senses taking over... beyond just the sight... that brought it all together so harmoniously! Whatever it was... only part of Florence can be shown through pictures. You must just go and experience it for yourself!

Several of my lifetime dreams came to fruition on this trip. Ever since I was a kid I've wanted to take my very own picture of the Bell Tower in Pisa... I got to do just that... in fact, I think I spent a whole roll just getting different angles of the Tower. Without using internet resources, do any of you know how many times they've tried to correct the lean? It's been steadily leaning more and more over the years... and the tower was only given a short time to live before some GENIUS came in and decided to remove dirt from under the "good side" of the tower! This brought the tower to more of an upright position and also slowed the progress of further leaning substantially!

The architecture was more amazing and jaw dropping than I can put in words. But I do have a question... why we we keep building houses with materials that mold and rot and fall apart when these buildings built several centuries ago are still in such great shape?!

My fav picture from this trip (not based solely on content - but because of the feeling it gives me when I look at it) is the picture title "Ceiling1". This was at the entrance to the Boboli Gardens - an expansive garden with pathways hedged up to approximately 20 feet high. If I had that as my back yard I would be taking 3 hour walks every afternoon too! Gorgeous! And then you get to the top and see the view of "Villa" (very first picture) and wonder who lives over there across the valley. Let's go for a walk over there and introduce ourselves!

My second fav picture is the one of the broken rear view mirror on the Vespa parked in the middle of a lot of 100 Vespas.

Come on ... let's go rent Vespas and drive around for a few hours... Lori (and Lee)

Check out our pictures at... click on "Slideshow" and then pause/resume while you enjoy it...


Anonymous said...

Such AWESOME pictures and how romantic!

I had a great time looking at them all over again! What an eye you have and what a blessing you are!

Shutterbabe Lori said...

Dear Anonymous... thank you! I just wish I knew who was cheering me on!


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