Saturday, June 05, 2004

greetings from Caffe Caruso... (June '04)

Buon Giorno! Ciao!!!

Tutto bene... oops... forgot, I need to speak inglesé... ahem!

Quick hello ... here we sit, sipping on cappuccinos and taking in the italian air. Our journey here started off a little rough... we missed our connecting flight to Paris from Chicago... so were re-routed through Heathrow and then Milan and then finally to Florence about 12 hours after we should have arrived... and after being up and at it for almost 35 hours we were so glad to see hotel and shower!

But since then we have slowly wandered down dark alleys and found ourselves staring at magnificent pieces of art and even stumbled across an archaelogical dig right in the middle of town.

(Most of) The food is better than we could have imagined... and Lee, not formerly being a hardcore espresso fan, has fallen in love with italian espresso! Imagine my surprise when he was not directing his affections toward me one morning! He was vowing eternal love to his demitasse cup!

OK - enough of that... off we go to kiss in the courtyards and gaze into each other's eyes... blah, blah, blah...

Lori and Lee

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