Saturday, July 03, 2004

The Tisdales' Summer Vacation (July '04)

SASSY greetings from (does anyone else see a pattern here?!) Sacramento, Seattle's Space Needle and Smelly Pike's Fish Market, the 'rents in Salem and the nearby Silver Falls, the gigantic Redwoods where we posed next to fallen giants, a Stop in Santa Rosa due to rush hour traffic where we found Starbucks and yummy steak, San Francisco's foggy coast, beachy and weird Santa Cruz (there was even a t-shirt hanging in Bookshop Santa Cruz that said "Keep Santa Cruz Weird!"), familiar San Luis Obispo... and quite a few Starbucks along the way!

On our trip we searched out Starbucks (obviously) and Sunflower Seeds... accompanying the Search there was Singing to homemade CDs, frequent Stops for Snapping of photos, Speeding and Snoring (but not Simultaneously) and even a birthday Surprise for a "kindergarten" friend at the Santa Cruz boardwalk! The pattern? The "S"... we don't yet know what it means... but the "S" was following us around like a fly on ... oh never mind.

Of course along the way we found at least one dumpy hotel to sleep in for a night... and at least two restaurants that didn't take debit/credit cards! Eventually we got used to not checking email everyday and not having our fingertips attached to our keyboards for news or web alerts, instant updates, etc... it took some time... but we got used to it. You all should try it sometime!

Driving South on the 1/101 route was simply breath-taking! Starting in Lincoln City, OR... we found our way in and out of towns with posted speeds limits of 15 mph... and wondered at least once why we hadn't done that yet in our lifetimes.

As we started to see the San Diego freeway signs last night on the last leg of the trip we got a bit loopy and started making up new lyrics to the songs we'd listened to all trip. That's when we new it was time to be home for good (or at least for a good chill out session before we get going again today - we've got to turn in our film from the trip!). So, this morning we're doing laundry and listening to new music and hoping you all have a fantastic (and safe) 4th of July!

What's your next adventure?

See our favorite pictures at... click on an album and then on "Slideshow". Then you can pause/resume as you wish...

Lori and Lee

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