Tuesday, March 01, 2011

After the storm...

San Diego County has been under a deluge of rain, hail (and in some parts even snow!) and more rain. So this is what I could see from a few blocks down our street. If you don't know our locale in Southern California you may not understand how unusual this is.

If you hadn't guessed, this is highly unusual. Our average temperature this time of year is much warmer. And that snow level there? That snow you see is down to around 2000 feet! Unheard of in these parts.

So crazy... so, so crazy!

To see local freeway signs AND snow in the same glance... so crazy!

An added benefit? Lake Hodges (a local reservoir) is now overflowing. I seem to recall that the last time this happened was over 5 years ago. What a treat!

So I took the long (and scenic) road home so I could drive by the Lake ... and of course stop and take pictures!

We sure are blessed here in San Diego County. We don't get MUCH weather... but when we do we appreciate it.

Actually, I should say I appreciate it. (Some of my friends, and even my husband, whine when it rains.) But I welcome it!!! In fact, I'm gleeful it's going to rain again tonight!

Literally gleeful...

weather or not, life is good...

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