Tuesday, October 27, 2009

R.I.P Joanne Wynne

Mrs. Joanne Wynne... we are proud to call ourselves friends of yours. You affected each life you touched in a gentle and yet poignant way. We loved you and miss you dearly.

On a hillside just outside of Brownsville, OR we paid our respects to a legacy. We will not stumble across many others with your beauty, grace and spunk. We miss you... but are happy to know you are no longer in pain. Dance with our Lord and get the party started for us, will ya?!

On a personal note, while on vacation I was in town to see Joanne's family and lay her to rest. My Father was asked to perform the funeral and speak at the burial. I couldn't imagine not being here for this...

We said our goodbyes, and left her alone with God ... and as the song says, "I can only imagine".

Then we went back to the church for a down-home potluck. I got to laugh with my Jack, Joanne's loving husband, who I so fondly call "Wynne-o". Jack's my guy... he's silly, he's sarcastic and he loves so deeply.

Jack - you have good friends who love you, loving children and grandchildren who want the best for you and a legacy that goes before you. You have shown all those around you the depths of your love for your wife. Your tedious caring for her over the past 13 years speaks volumes of the deep love you held for her. Thank you for that legacy. We could never match up to it...

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