Thursday, April 16, 2009

A one time event... or the beginning of another revolution?

When I talked to my Mom on Sunday she mentioned that one of the things they are doing this week is participating in a TEA Party... wait, what did you just say?! My mom?! Participating in a TEA Party?! GO MOM! (In this case "TEA" stood for "taxed enough already.) For more info on the BOSTON Tea Party, go here: Wikipedia

So, here are some interesting statistics about paying taxes... this year, 2009, most of us will work until April 23 before we are free of our annual tax burden. Meaning, the money we make between Jan 1 - April 23 all goes to pay off our individual tax bill. After that we're working for ourselves... finally. According to The Tax Foundation we're paying more in taxes this year than we will spend on housing, food and clothing combined. This is amazing to me (AND a little disturbing) ... more details on their website.

And for some humor... see this song on You Tube. Kinda puts it into perspective, doesn't it?!

So around 5 pm yesterday I journeyed out of the house (WHAT?!) to see what was happening about a mile down the road. You can read more about the North San Diego protests here in the North County Times article: article

Or you can see with your own eyes what I saw...

And this morning's breaking news headline read something like this "Obama talks about revolutionizing America's travel... more to come... "


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Jenny Z said...

Great photos Lori! Our local TEA party only had a few hundred, but for a small community I guess that's understandable. Just a hunch, but I think you're right--it's just the beginning.


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