Sunday, April 12, 2009

Outside painting done... NEXT!

Well, it's done... actually, it was done a few months ago... I'm just now getting around to blogging it. In the Fall we had some work done on the house... painting the outside was the big job. I'm so happy with the results. What do YOU think?

The tricky part with our house is that the only entrance to the front door is through the alley. Wow - I just LOVE living in the historic district. (Sense the sarcasm?!) While it is intriguing... no one can find us. On the other hand, we never have door-to-door sales people or trick-or-treaters. I guess it does have it's benefits.

So this is the walkway to our front door. Narrow and cozy.

And in the image below I wanted to show how we decided to continue the paint below the clapboard, and onto the cement foundation. We saw this with a neighbor's house and noticed how it just "cleaned up" the look of the house. So, we stole their idea. I don't know if it's technically "right" or "wrong" to do it this way - but we're glad we did. This continues all the way around the house where the foundation is exposed.

This window is next to our dining room table. It looks out onto our front walk ... this picture was taken before the hand-crafted shutters had been re-hung. The shutters sure makes a difference, don't they?!

And this is the back of the house that rises above the garden/yard, since we sit on a hill. All of those windows back there? That's what I get to look out of when I'm in my "den", aka "craft room". I get to look out over the tree tops and house tops of Old Escondido. It's just a beautiful place to abide...

Next project? Getting the back yard in order so I can enjoy the view even more... today we have planter boxes being built. And I might stroll through a nursery or two today and come home with a rose bush. Hmm.... which one should I get first?! The yummy smelling lavendar or one that symbolizes something important?! hmm....

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