Friday, July 18, 2008


I'm a Republican. And I admit it... I voted for George W. Bush. Have I agreed with everything he's done (or not been able to do)? No. Do I think we've had more efficient Presidents? Yes. Will I bash him for it? No. And if the U.S. had a Democratic President making similar mistakes / creating similar problems ... we shouldn't be bashing him/her either.

Whether you are republican, democrat, independent or something else altogether... even Nancy Pelosi made a huge mistake by calling our President "a total failure". I won't go to the lengths to say she shouldn't have said it (free speech, right?)... but I do firmly believe that she shows us who she is every time she opens her mouth... and so far I'm not impressed.

President Bush is just that - our President! Where's the respect?! (Oh, I'm sorry - maybe I'm assuming too much here... does RESPECT still exist in our world?)

LISTEN - If you didn't vote at the last Presidential election then you can't complain. Next time - do your part!

I know, I like to mince words. Should I tell you how I really feel? Nancy Pelosi is not someone I want to have on my 'team' ... and quite frankly I'm embarrassed for her, and by her lack of decorum. Anyone else?!

Take for instance - kids who talk back to their parents. Face it, we've all done it. But does that make it right?! No - it's completely rude, disrespectful, unproductive and reflects a bit of imbecilic stature.


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