Thursday, April 10, 2008

We wish you many years of happiness and laughter...

Eddie and Kellye praying over their future... and the food for their wedding shower.

Let's get right to it... time to eat...

And after some scrumptious Greek food, comes the fun presents!

Have you ever seen someone so ecstatic over Pyrex?!?!

Look!!! Even the guys seem to be enjoying themselves!

Let the games begin. Of course at a co-ed wedding shower we had to mix it up a bit. So, Debbie and I had this plan to embarrass the heck out of Eddie. It had to do with buying some lingerie ... and package it up... and make it look like it was a gift from Kellye (aka "Tiny") to Eddie (aka "Bear"). (No - not lingerie for HIM to wear - rather lingerie that he'll get to enjoy her wearing in the near future!)
Our elaborate plan involved wrapping it like she would have, putting "Bear" on the envelope, etc. And boy was he puzzled. No, Kellye wasn't in on it... so watching it unfold (from behind the lens of a camera) was pretty fun! He was immediately embarrassed and wouldn't even take the goods out of the packaging... until his guests demanded to see what he was turning red for... and then he started asking around - "Is this YOU?!" Ahh, good times!

And yes, he eventually figured it out.

So, thanks to Yanni's for hosting us for a great afternoon with friends and family... we sure enjoyed your hospitality, your creative genius on a plate and the atmosphere of your outside patio.


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