Sunday, November 25, 2007

A hike at Torrey Pines

Before you get all impressed that I was out hiking... it really was just a brief stroll. But the best part was that I was w/ the fabulous Stephanie and the extraordinary Sonnet! We took a stroll at Torrey Pines Reserve... learned about "leaving footrpints only" in this protected space, the winter migration of whales and much more ... and we even took some pics! Here's some pics of us... as well as some pics of other hikers enjoying the soon-to-be sunset.... loving those silhouette shots!!!


Eddie Bojorquez (Studio 512) said...

Haven't been by in a little while. Always like to see what work you have up. Weee!

mum said...

LOVE the Torrey Pines pics - AND the live 'models' too - even noticed the Amtrak down below ... once again, good shots!


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