Monday, May 07, 2007

Spring is almost gone... (May '07)

Here it is the beginning of May and it's almost summer time! And I'm not ready to say 'goodbye' to Spring yet. It seems it JUST sprung - and I haven't yet fully enjoyed it. Before I knew it the orange blossom scent evaporated.... and now I'm dealing with weeds in the backyard already.

Just last week it was nice and cool and a brisk 66 degrees outside. Then I woke up on Sunday morning to an 87 degree day - and the not-so-nice weather man says we're in for a few warm days. I'm NOT very happy about this news today.

But I'll do my best to enjoy spring while it's here... there's a month left before the summer solstice. But the planet seems to be misaligned because summer arrived yesterday in Southern California...

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