Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Raw (Nov '06)

Today I witnessed a Random Act of Kindness that woke me up - out of my pity party of a rough day.

This act was a beautiful gesture from one human to another in the quiet of someone's office... it was an act that celebrated a victory in someone's life - to help frame for this individual what the next chapter of life will hold... and it brought them both to tears. As a mere witness, it did much more than that for me...

So here's my challenge ... (and I too will be taking me up on this challenge!)
Celebrate the life and the victories of those around you - share your "crop" with those who haven't "yielded" quite enough for their own needs - tell/show someone how meaningful their influence has been in your life - focus on helping others rather than what you think you deserve - when you are feeling sorry for yourself do something nice for someone else - noticed or not... spread humanity. Spread a good, pure, loving humanity... a rawness that transcends gender, race, religion ...

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