Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I voted today! Did you?! (Nov '06)

No excuse is good enough in my opinion.... Get out there and vote... if you're in line by 8 pm they'll let you vote.

There was a time women weren't allowed to vote... it was elation to walk into the polling place today (to drop off my mail-in ballot which I didn't get in the mail in time) and all of the people in line were WOMEN!!! (I wish I had my camera with me!)

While I'm a believer in the theory that you can make statistics say anything you want them to say - I was blown away w/ this one today... only 30% of registered voters came out to the polls on our last voting day!!!

In some countries people put their VERY LIVES on the lines to vote... and what is 70% of this country too busy to do?! VOTE! Just do it.... no excuses!

Mail in ballots take ALL excuses away... prepare for next time. But in the meantime, grab your voter's guide and go stand in line to vote. Shoot - if you don't have a voter's guide just go get in line - I'm sure there's a voter's guide there you can use to read up on items.

It makes sense - you vote ... if you don't vote you don't deserve the right to complain about the decisions our gov't is making. Get out there... no excuses. No whiners!

Voting is not a privilege - IT'S A DUTY!

Voter Lori

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