Thursday, August 24, 2006

The wonders of a newborn baby! (Aug '06)

As I have done for a few of my girlfriends, I went to the hospital with my friend Becki yesterday for the delivery of her 1st baby boy! (They have 2 girls already - 7 yrs and 3 yrs.) And while I've been through the delivery of four babies so far, it's just so amazing to watch the miracle of birth unfold! All of the emotions (fear, excitement, pain, gratefulness, anticipation) colliding in 1 little moment!

While I'm not yet a mother, I can't yet KNOW what those feelings are and how they take over your being... but as a photographer, I feel that I live just a little bit of someone else's life when I'm taking in their world as it is happening.

May I introduce the beautiful young man brought into the world yesterday... Today I am so proud to be Auntie Lori! And thrilled beyond belief... I cannot imagine how his parents are feeling today.

Kevin Lee McAdow was born 8/23/06 at 10:50 am. Weighing in at 8 lbs, 6 oz... and stretching out to 19 inches.

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Gene & Janie said...

~ our warmest congrats to the new mom & pop! G&J


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