Friday, August 25, 2006

I witnessed 2 miracles in 2 days! (Aug '06)

The entry just below this one talks briefly about the miracle birth of baby Kevin (which I was witness to)... and the 2nd miracle in just as many days was my great friend Julia Alter - getting married!!!

That's right folks... for those of you who are feeling the need to do so, I recommend we take a moment of silence for the past single life of Julia Alter's. Because it's history!

Julia found her treasure trove ... in Michael Canvin! Not that Julia won't do this but I have to tell the whole world that she found a GEM in this man! He cherishes her, is enthralled by her words, nourishes her creativity, and most importantly loves her in the same profound manner in which she loves him... with every last morsel in her!

I was witness, photographer, crying fool, and proud friend of my Julia yesterday. What an honor to be a part of this day...

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