Thursday, June 02, 2005

Mighty Mouse (June '05)

So, the Mouse Patrol continues. Lee thinks it's a rat... I think it's still up for debate! Still no pictures to prove either of us wrong.

The first set of medium size traps didn't work... somehow the traps sprung and caught NOTHING! We have now purchased the extra large rat traps and will keep our fingers crossed! And you are right to presume we are still grilling in the backyard or stepping out to get something for dinner.

And TODAY... well, today something happened that I am convinced should never happen in someone's kitchen!

Mighty Mouse was clinking around in the kitchen. I peaked in from the living room and witnessed him dragging a wooden spoon across the stove top towards his hiding place! Yes, you read that correctly! He was DRAGGING A WOODEN SPOON ACROSS THE STOVE TOP!

And no, I couldn't grab the camera in time. He dropped the spoon and went running!

We have figured out that he's crawling around in the compartment area of our stove... moving in and out of a small steel flap on the back of the unit. No, he's not INSIDE the oven... just the back paneling of the stove where the electrical components are.

Coincidentally, our power blew at some point yesterday as well... so we COULD have a half-fried mouse on our hands. Which MIGHT explain the extra boost of energy to drag a wooden spoon around...

Until later... wish us luck...

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sooz said...

Oh Lori, I went through the same thing right after we moved into our new school cafeteria. It was a nightmare !!!

We had a VERY SMART creature. It would crawl under the rubber gasket/seal at the floor level and go into our walk in fridge every night. The next day we would find holes in our canteloupes, plastic Gatorade bottles, oranges, butter, bread,wrappers etc, etc. It took about 4 months to get rid of it. Gross!!! I tried everything. Stuffing aluminum foil under the door to deter it entering, putting bleach on the floor so it would have to trapse through it. We had the humongous rat traps(nine of them) inside on the shelves, but didn't ever catch anything. We lowered the rubber seals and it chewed right through it and made itself at home. In the meantime it was getting fatter and fatter.You would think with all that rubber in it, it would have gotten plugged up. I don't know how it slipped under the door, ate the aluminum foil, food, wrappers etc. The bleach never phased it either. Finally one day we came to work and it was in a trap. About a foot long, including the tail. Glad that is over.

Because like my sister, your mother I hate rats, mice, bugs, ants etc invading my precious kitchen space.

I hope you get the critter soon!!


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