Monday, December 29, 2008

From one of my heroes...

Thank you to Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice... in this interview she confirms what I've been hoping someone would say.

While President Bush has received some rather low ratings, ok dismal, but anyway - while he was highly criticized Ms. Rice confirms what I suspected. We'll eventually find out all the crap that's been throw his way that we just aren't privy to.There is a place to draw the line on the information you share to justify your decisions. Pres Bush can't share much - and rightfully so.

We don't want to have a President who puts all the details out on the table - just so we can confirm he's making the right decision. To dumb it down - we don't have the same top secret clearance. We want a President who can keep some things in confidence. We want a President who will think about the future of the American people - not just today and what would "feel" better.

I'm happy to hear from Ms. Rice that the leaders she has worked with, first hand, appreciate our President. That they still hold our country in high regard as they trust our President.I'm confident we will read more of these types of interview snippets over the next several years - which will serve the purpose of justifying some of Pres Bush's actions. He shouldn't have to do that himself.

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