Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Erika and Justin

I'd like to introduce Erika and Justin... brother and sister. Erika called me to do some last minute pictures before her brother goes on a road trip... one of those road trips that may turn into weeks or months, in her opinion. They've been promising Mom some updated photos - and now time was of the essence. I had never met either of these two - so waiting for them in the parking lot was kind of like a blind date! ;-)
And when I met them and saw their colorful personalities I decided that a park like setting wasn't going to cut it today. We took a few pictures here and there at the beautiful Kit Carson Park. And then we ventured underground... or under a bridge, that is. I wanted a more urban feel - and so that's what we did. But I hadn't had enough yet... so we drove downtown to do some shots in between buildings and in some rougher looking spots...
We had so much fun! Erika had a hard time getting in / out of my SUV in that dress... but Justin really enjoyed himself and his sunglasses. He'd never admit it - but he likes posing for pics. And Erika? Well, she admitted right off the bat she's very uncomfortable in the front of the camera. So, we worked with it. Could you tell she's uncomfortable?! Nope - she sure warmed up!
And I have a feeling, Mom's going to be very happy with these pics!
Now, what's up with the images that look like they're from the late 1960's?! I know you're dying to ask... well, I threw these images into a "time lapse" machine, and turned back the clock. Fun, eh?! Wanted to play w/ something new ...

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Eddie Bojorquez (Studio 512) said...

A sibling shoot - very cool!
I'm sure 'mom' will love these - though I'm really interested to see what she'll say about the muffler shot!



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