Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Justin and Ashley are engaged!

Not only did I get to hang out at another winery last week - I also got to hang out w/ some great people who are celebrating their engagement! We found ourselves at Bernardo Winery, where the great people that run the ol' place let us wander all over and just have a great afternoon. Thanks Annie!

I have to tell you (and yes, I know... it ages me to admit this...) I've known Ashley since she was maybe only 3 years old... and it's so great to see that she has blossomed into such a wonderful young lady. I got to shoot her graduation pictures a few years back ... and on that day I kept thinking to myself "BUT!!! She's still only 8 years old! How can this be?!"

Well, now the young girl has found herself a nice young man.... I'd like to introduce Justin and Ashley! Justin - you better take good care of her!

And then as we were walking out, past a wall we had walked by a dozen times.... I saw this... and knew it had to be a good sign...

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Eddie Bojorquez (Studio 512) said...

Hey...I know HER! Congrats to you, Ashley (and Justin). Good job Lori. Digging the all-enlargable images too. ; )


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