Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hangin' with the Marsheks

Loren and Jody surprised us w/ a very short visit a few weeks back... so while they were in town we figured there's no better time than to get together w/ the rest of the family. Hey Marsheks - thanks for your impromptu hospitality and all the great laughs! Each time we get together we ask ourselves "Why don't we do this more often?!" Let's make sure so much time doesn't pass us by before next time.... k?!

This is Heaven and Brooklynne hanging out for the first time!

Hey Gramps - I love your smile!

Loren - so good to see you and your family ... I miss you lil' bro!

Like I said - w/ the Marsheks there is always laughter! Thanks Uncle Paul for having us over on such short notice! You do good BBQ chicken!

Brooklyne is so curious these days... and if you couldn't tell by her tanned skin she LOVES the swimming pool! Her Daddy Jason is so playful with her... and she loves it!
Again, thanks for your hospitality and the use of your fire pit. Those s'mores were FABULOUS!!!

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Janie said...

Great to see the Fam pictures ... as always - miss you all! Janie


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