Sunday, June 17, 2007

I love my city!

Flying back into San Diego from ... anywhere really ... is just amazing. The plane descends on this city looking brown and gray and muted blue. But, as in life, the closer you get the more defined everything becomes. The browns turn into darker and lighter shades of life. The blue tones become varied between white to indigo. And life as we know it in this city is unique and troubled and yet troublesome and the same.

But from up here in this seat at the back of the plane it all looks like such a straight forward, simple but busy city. Which reminds me... I love my life in this city!

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Eddie Bojorquez said...

Go SD!

BTW, I was JUST working on a photo of SD from the sky - taken on my trip back from Europe. You'll have to check it out as I'm going to be posting them ever so soon.


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