Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Racist 'Survivor"? (Sept '06)

What's the big deal?! They've pitted all sorts of "tribes" against each other from the beginning. So as they head into this season they have to find something new and fresh! What?! They are going to pit race against race?!

Big deal... from where I sit, it looks like they're stating the obvious.

Most people stereotype without even realizing it. So, I sarcastically ask, CBS decides to state the obvious while creating some more drama to appeal to an even broader crowd and we're SURPRISED by this?!

Think about it though... as some of these "tribe" members are eliminated they'll have to make new alliances. Then they will pair up a mexican with an asian, or black with white... and think of all the extra drama that will create being that they used to be enemies?! It's ripe for the Fall lineup... and for the Fall drama... why are we surprised?!

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