Saturday, December 31, 2005

HAPPY Freakin' NEW YEAR!!! (Dec '05)

This is only for those who need it… those who already have it all together and are already the best you can be – just ignore this entry… but for the rest of US… ;-)

Let’s “ring in the New Year” with a new attitude! For every one of us who has a bad day – we all know there’s nothing wrong with feeling down – but there DOES come a time to snap out of it when it’s time to snap out of it! I'd like to take some inspiration from another nugget of truth I recently read ... don’t let anyone steal the joy which is ONLY YOURS! Don’t focus on the unfortunate parts of the day – instead find MANY reasons to celebrate life every day! For every one of us who has had a “string of bad luck” – pick yourself up by your bra straps or boot straps (or whatever it is you’re wearing) and get over it already!

We are ever so lucky to live in a FREE country, to have a roof over our heads, food on our tables, warm clothing … so revel in the comfort of your Home and in the warm love of your Friends and Family! While they may be all some of us can call our own at least we’ve got them!!! That’s plenty to celebrate… now get about your daily celebrations… and remember what I said about not letting others steal your joy!

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MUM said...

Now you're preachin' to the choir ... but go girl!!

MAJOR life lesson about not letting anyone steal your joy!! Good one! ...


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