Saturday, July 02, 2005

Memories of my cousin Lonnie (July '05)

Lonnie left many footprints in my life. Even as a 9 year old I could see how highly he regarded the importance of solitude. Lonnie was an artist... we would often find him lost in his drawings. I'm convinced he created his own cartoon character so he could draw himself into the scenes along w/ the other well knowns. Lonnie was a musician... and "becoming one" with that guitar was one of his favorite pastimes. Lonnie was "cool"... he was quiet... he was a thinker... he had a gentle soul... he loved deeply... he dreamt big...

And when he was with us, his younger cousins, he laughed and played and was competitive and was loud and he pushed his luck while pushing the limits and disobeyed and was a bad example. He was a normal kid playing with the other kids and pestering the family dog and ...

These are my sweet memories of Lonnie... I remember a lot of laughter. I remember the games we would play in the upper room at Grampa & Gramma's house... the old-fashioned toys that were once our moms' toys. I remember the jokes he would tell and his excellent laugh. He had a smile that beamed confidence and exuberance. I remember the times he would hide from us simply because he needed some quiet time. I remember that his creativity and his imagination would sometimes surprise me.

And I remember feeling so much loss when I got the news that he was gone. Since he died 10 years ago no one has replaced or can take away what Lonnie left with me in our short time together. Lonnie... as the anniversary of your death is here, and then your birthdate shortly thereafter... we want you to know that your life is still affecting ours. You will always be in our hearts! Thank you for what you taught us in your 20+ years of living with us... we miss you every day!


Sooz said...

Boy, you covered alot in your words, Lori. And there was so much more I could add. What a happy kid! Always a smile and a hearty laugh. Always thinking the positive about EVERYONE no matter who they were or what they were up to. So much compassion for people. A friend to everyone, with no enemies. What a kid - - growing into a man.

In one's lifespan 21 years is so short. That is how many years he touched my life. Well, that is not including when I carried him before his birth.

He touched my life beyond words and I miss him everyday also. But remembering at times like these bring back happy memories for those of us who knew him and loved him. He is gone, but not forgotten. My hope is that I will again see him one day. Now that is a happy thought!

Thank you Lori for your kind words and remembering thoughts of Lonnie.

MUM said...

Lor & Sooz, I too have many and various memories of Lonnie ...'SOCKIES!' ... Garfield ... sliding down the carpeted stairs w/ you & Loren in sleeping bags at Gramma's house, his love of music, most importantly his guitar, his distinct style of clothes, his hilarious laugh and keen sense of humor, his thoughtful ways ... and SO much more!
Yes, we remember Lonnie at this his 10 yr. passing point and miss him a lot!
Thanks Lor for the picture, flowers and remembrances of Lonnie! ~

Stephanie said...

Bug...thanks for sharing these beautiful memories. Everyone's life has a lesson, and you will continue to learn from Lonnie. Hugs to you!


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