Sunday, October 19, 2003

news on the Lori Haraldsen front... (Oct '03)

Actually, I am now Mrs. Lori Tisdale!!!

Here's the quick run down of how it all happened... but first I want to tell you that I found my perfect accomplice! For the last few months Lee and I have been planning a surprise... we eloped on 9/29/03... and painstakingly kept it a secret until this last Saturday night (10/11/03). What torture it was for me to not exclaim with giddyness that I'd gone off and gotten hitched!

Details... When my best friend Stephanie called me a few months ago and asked what I wanted for my 30th birthday... I told her I just wanted to have my friends all around me (one piece of the puzzle put together). It was our intention to fully surprise everyone. I filled in the family
when I was on vacation with them last week up in Oregon. And our friends we surprised at the birthday party Stephanie put so much effort into! (Thanks girly - you're the bomb!)

Anyhow, we moved forward with our secret wedding plans... we found the rings, made our reservations for hotel and wedding chapel (don't worry - we didn't do the drive thru wedding in a convertible and there was no Elvis involved!), and attempted not to lie to family and friends too much along the way. Oh, was it hard to keep all of this excitement to ourselves all this long! And please forgive me for having to tell some little fibs along the way ... it was all in love...

The night of the birthday party rolled around and we had it all set. We surprised everyone when we were all gathered in the living room... and I apologized for being such a horrible friend over the past few weeks (you know - distracted, telling "lies", etc). And told them that I felt bad for having to keep secrets from them. And slowly stated that Lee and I wanted them all to know how happy we were that they could join us for the evening because we had a special announcement! We had become husband and wife... SURPRISE!

After the disbelief wore off and the tissues were passed around we moved forward with something very special that we wanted to share with our friends - our public commitment to each other. We asked our friend Eddie to be our unofficial Officiator for the evening. He walked us through reading our vows to each other and exchanging our rings together. It was a perfect night... it really was. We couldn't have asked for anything more... except for maybe a slightly bigger house so that we could've invited everyone in our world to join us for this happy

Anyhow... YAY!!!!!

This has all been so much fun to plan and share with everyone! But most importantly I'm so glad we finally found each other and were ready to commit to forever at the same time. Love to you all.... thanks for celebrating this fun time with us!

Lori and Lee Tisdale

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